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It seems to Calliope that the chill and fright of her nocturnal arrival in the town isn't going to leave her bones for some time yet. Even after a day spent mostly restfully - getting their carriage in order, unpacking, huddling by the fireplace - and minimal exploring (because her grandfather can't be expected to sit still all afternoon, of course) she still can't seem to get quite warm enough. What's more, the fires and demons of her dreams have reared their ugly heads once more.

So, this morning, she's rather unwilling to slip back into sleep and gets up instead, driven downstairs by the coldness of her room. There's no telling if her grandfather is awake yet, but she thinks she can do this on her own, simply sitting by the fire with a book until he joins her for breakfast. Surely the common room will be empty this early, anyhow, and she won't have to fret about being spotted. All she has to do is pop on her artificial nose and neat wig, with a bright pink bonnet on top just in case.

So fortified, she makes her way downstairs and crosses over to the fireplace. She's in the process of stifling a yawn when she's addressed by a corner of the room, which, after a start and a squint of her tired eyes, turns out to be a stranger in awfully unnoticeable clothing. Oh shoot, so much for not being spotted. And it'd be terribly rude to abscond now. Frozen in place, Calliope's bearing becomes rather unsure and shy as she lowers her head and peeps, "Um, yes, sir?"

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