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starlightcalliope ([personal profile] starlightcalliope) wrote in [community profile] lethevale 2016-11-12 09:59 pm (UTC)

Oh and now he's standing up, well if he could just stay by the bar that would be splendid. If she didn't have her hands full with a book, she'd be fidgeting now. It's not that she is expecting every stranger to shout abuse at her once they spot her artificial nose and hair. But the disturbed stares and shoddily concealed whispers that she has already encountered in busy streets and shops are quite enough. Besides, she knows perfectly well that underneath her disguise, she is hideous. No need to have others remind her of that fact as well.

"My grandfather and I are renting rooms upstairs," she replies from beneath the hood of her bonnet. "We arrived two nights ago."

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