insufficientjewel: (Alone)
Francis (Faramir) Fletcher ([personal profile] insufficientjewel) wrote in [community profile] lethevale 2016-11-15 03:34 pm (UTC)

It might have been the decent thing to do to reassure her, to claim it had probably been the wind howling and banging at the shutters. The trouble was that Francis was almost pathologically honest, and he had lived in enough cheap dwellings to know the sounds of an improperly-cared-for house better than that.

"I had hoped you might tell me," he answered, at last, with a little sigh. "I did try to find the source of it, but it stopped just as I was starting to think I knew where it was coming from. And I found nothing there. It's all a little concerning. I hope, frankly, that I was dreaming it."

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