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The Town

Lethevale itself offers the best hope of shelter, though the citizens of the town may not be all that willing to open up their shutters and unbar their doors to let the storm inside, even to help a stranger. The wind howls through the narrow streets and the cobbles underfoot are awash with watery mud and debris. You'll have to watch out for slates blown from rooftops, and for the slight sway of the taller buildings.

One place in Lethevale has every light burning, and will gladly open its doors to you. This is the King's Head Inn, where the landlord never turns away a business opportunity. Come in, come share a fire and a hot meal, and while you're at it, do you want to buy a bed for the night? Best deals in town!

NPCs available: Primarily just Oswald Johannsen; others by request.

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