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Francis draws his cloak tightly around himself, shaking water out of his eyes as he slogs through the mud, wishing heartily that he had taken the offer of a lift with the mail coach the day before. But the weather had seemed fine then, and he had been ill-inclined to leave his horse in the care of the stables of the next town.

That horse now walks alongside him, laden with baggage, its eyes rolling to the whites with each flash of lightning. It holds steady, but its ears are laid back flat against its head, and it snorts uneasily as they splash through the deepening mud. But it's well-trained and trusts its master, and it follows him closely - until, that is, a tree falls a scant hundred yards ahead, smoking where it was hit by lightning. Then the horse screams and rears, dragging the reins out of Francis' hand as it bolts in blind panic.

The clerk lets out a little shout of his own, calling the horse's name and running after it. When he finds it, the horse is half-submerged in a bog, desperately trying to claw its way onto dry land. Francis grabs its halter and pulls. He's a strong man, but not strong enough to pull a full-grown horse out of sucking mud, and he casts about desperately for help.

"Hey!" His voice doesn't carry as well as he'd like, in all the chaos of the storm, but it's all he can think to do - he's not going to leave the horse and all his gear to the bog. "Hey! Anyone! Help!"

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