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Who: Everyone!
Where: The whole of Lethevale.
When: January 13th.
What: A storm, a town, and a beginning.
Warnings: TBC

It isn't unusual, in the mountains at this time of year, to have some wild weather. What is unusual is just how quickly and how violently this particular storm blows in. One moment it's a clear, fine winter's day, unusually good for travelling, with frost glittering on the ground and the sun dazzlingly bright in a painfully blue sky - then, without warning, the sky is blotted out by roiling black clouds, and the early afternoon is plunged into dim twilight. By three o'clock in the afternoon, the storm has fully arrived, and gale-force winds are lashing the sharp, icy rain in all directions, while lightning flashes and thunder roars around the mountainsides.

The good news is that even the wolves and bears have gone to ground. The bad news is that they had good reason to. Any traveller caught in this storm had better find shelter of their own - between the cold and rain, the battering wind which can bring down whole trees, and the rapidly flooding valley, it's simply not safe for even the hardiest passerby to be outside right now.
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"Right. Hold him." Amamiya looked up at the horse's face -- it really was kind of hard to establish eye contact when your partner was rolling his eyes around like that -- and tried his best to think calming thoughts. Maybe horses could pick up on that. Or maybe it would just bend over and try to bite him in the face the first chance he got.

"Uh... there, there. We're trying to... help..." Was he going to try and pet the horse? Not after a look at how huge its teeth was, he wasn't.
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Luckily, Francis seemed a little more comfortable with the animal - and it with him, which was perhaps more important. The horse snorted fitfully and rolled its eyes, but some of its desperate thrashing slowed as Francis murmured to it, slipping between languages apparently without realising as he whispered whatever calming phrases happened to come into his mind.

"I don't suppose," he said, still in that same soothing tone and without stopping the way he was stroking the horse's flank, "that you have a rope? If we could tie off his bridle, the two of us together could probably get enough purchase on the saddle to help him out."
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"A rope? No." All he had with him was a bag and an unlit lantern -- and the bag was filled mostly with medical supplies. Did this guy think he was the type to carry spare rope around? Did Amamiya look like a strangler or something? Hahaha what a silly question, of course not.

"If you cut his reins at one end, that might be long enough. Maybe."
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"Maybe," Francis agreed, eyeing the reins thoughtfully. It was a risk. If only one end of the reins was attached, he was afraid that it would snap under the weight of the horse. But the horse had stopped struggling now, and perhaps...

"Yes." He nodded decisively, his shoes squelching in the mud as he moved back up to the horse's head. "Yes, it's worth trying. Do you have a knife?"