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Who: Everyone!
Where: The whole of Lethevale.
When: January 13th.
What: A storm, a town, and a beginning.
Warnings: TBC

It isn't unusual, in the mountains at this time of year, to have some wild weather. What is unusual is just how quickly and how violently this particular storm blows in. One moment it's a clear, fine winter's day, unusually good for travelling, with frost glittering on the ground and the sun dazzlingly bright in a painfully blue sky - then, without warning, the sky is blotted out by roiling black clouds, and the early afternoon is plunged into dim twilight. By three o'clock in the afternoon, the storm has fully arrived, and gale-force winds are lashing the sharp, icy rain in all directions, while lightning flashes and thunder roars around the mountainsides.

The good news is that even the wolves and bears have gone to ground. The bad news is that they had good reason to. Any traveller caught in this storm had better find shelter of their own - between the cold and rain, the battering wind which can bring down whole trees, and the rapidly flooding valley, it's simply not safe for even the hardiest passerby to be outside right now.
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Francis draws his cloak tightly around himself, shaking water out of his eyes as he slogs through the mud, wishing heartily that he had taken the offer of a lift with the mail coach the day before. But the weather had seemed fine then, and he had been ill-inclined to leave his horse in the care of the stables of the next town.

That horse now walks alongside him, laden with baggage, its eyes rolling to the whites with each flash of lightning. It holds steady, but its ears are laid back flat against its head, and it snorts uneasily as they splash through the deepening mud. But it's well-trained and trusts its master, and it follows him closely - until, that is, a tree falls a scant hundred yards ahead, smoking where it was hit by lightning. Then the horse screams and rears, dragging the reins out of Francis' hand as it bolts in blind panic.

The clerk lets out a little shout of his own, calling the horse's name and running after it. When he finds it, the horse is half-submerged in a bog, desperately trying to claw its way onto dry land. Francis grabs its halter and pulls. He's a strong man, but not strong enough to pull a full-grown horse out of sucking mud, and he casts about desperately for help.

"Hey!" His voice doesn't carry as well as he'd like, in all the chaos of the storm, but it's all he can think to do - he's not going to leave the horse and all his gear to the bog. "Hey! Anyone! Help!"
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OTA: the King's Head

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Francis looks barely human when he stumbles into the inn. He's black with mud, dripping rainwater, and the cloak he wears makes him a shapeless shadow. That serves to make it a little laughable when, out of habit and good manners, he wipes his feet and doffs hat and cloak before entering.

A few minutes later, still in his soaking wet clothes, he's furnished with a cup of hot cider and the promise of a meal, and he heads over to the crowded space beside the fire, edging into a space with an apologetic little smile to his neighbours.

"Excuse me. Is it all right if I sit here?"
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By the time Amamiya made his way to the inn, he resembled in misery and general lassitude the very image of wet cat. Though he had attempted to dry himself a little at the entrance, or at least wipe his feet, it made little difference. Now rainwater was slowly pooling under his shoes as he attempted to tell the girl working at the inn that he was expected.

"I don't understand," he was saying. He took off his glasses and in vain tried to wipe off the water. "I did send correspondence ahead of time. My things should have been sent ahead. Are you sure there's no note? It was all under Amamiya..."
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Amamiya drew up his coat around him, though it was hardly any help at all since it was as soaked by now as the clothes underneath. He'd always thought the wailing of the wind to be a hack writer's cliche -- at least until now, out in the middle of nowhere, with the tree branches rocking and rain pouring down. The wind did sound inhuman, rising and falling as it rounded the rocks and trees.

At the same time, he thought he heard something else along with it. Maybe a dog or some such? Surely another human being couldn't be out in this wretched storm? With a feeling of apprehension, he turned towards the sound.

"Hello?" he called. "Who's there?"
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Francis' hearing was good, but it was mostly a trick of the wind that made the words clear. Wrapping the horse's reins around his hand to stop the poor beast from sinking any deeper, he fumbled to open the shutters of his lantern, waving it in the air in the hopes of drawing attention from whoever had heard his cry.

Relief, raw and fierce, seeped into his voice, and he shouted as loudly as he could, "Here! Hello! Can you see the light? I need help!"
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"Annette!" The voice came from behind the bar; the girl turned rather gratefully away from trying to explain that the mail coach, it came late in this weather, that perhaps his bags... The landlord's interruption was a welcome distraction. "Annette, what's keeping you with the young man?"

And the landlord came out from behind the bar, limping slightly and wiping his hands on his apron. He smiled jovially at Amamiya, winking broadly. "I hope you're not trying to steal my girls away, sir. What's the problem?"
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Amamiya picked his way through the mud as best he could, with tree branches scratching at him and his bag feeling about twice as heavy as it was. Good thing this other man had a light; his own had guttered out in the storm.

But it was the horse who caught his attention first. Half of it was already in the muck; the other half was panicked and thrashing. Amamiya hoped this fellow simply needed help getting his bags off his horse, because things were not looking hopeful for the animal itself.

"I don't know anything about horses," was what he said as he dropped his bag. Although it might have seemed a bit of a non sequitur, it was what Amamiya deemed to be the most relevant piece of information to convey to the stranger. Whatever the stranger wanted to salvage, it was best that he take the lead in deciding how to proceed; Amamiya was just as likely to spook the animal further as he was to calm it down.
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"Yes, hello," said Amamiya, turning to the landlord. "Are you Mister... Johanssen? I had some things sent to Lethevale ahead of me -- I'm Kazuhiko Amamiya."

After the excitement of the night, he was finding it difficult to get things out in the right order. "They're very delicate. Medical instruments, tinctures, and such."
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Francis took a deep breath, nodding acknowledgement. "It can't be helped," he decided aloud, and set the lantern down beside himself - not without difficulty, since he was still pulling with all his weight on the reins. "Here. Here, take these. Get a good footing, and take these." These being the reins, which he indicated with his free hand, beckoning the other man closer.

He didn't have a plan, not precisely. It would have been easier, he thought, if he had a rope, or some kind of board to help support the poor animal. But if he could just have both hands free to help him calm the panicked horse, to get some purchase...

It hadn't even occurred to him, really, to leave the horse to die. That wasn't how his mind worked.
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Amamiya picked his way over to a spot where he had marginally better purchase. Belatedly, it occurred to him that this could all be a setup -- maybe the horse wasn't really stuck. Maybe he was one kind gesture away from a knife at his throat and a good rummage through his pockets. But it was too late now.

He gripped the reins, only hesitating slightly when the horse gave a particularly vehement thrash of its neck. "Do you need something sharp?"
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Syrenne had just barely dried off from being soaked to the bone, though at least she hadn't had the displeasure of being caked in mud or looking nearly as defeated and beaten as this guy did. Running a hand through her hair she looked over and shifted a little toeing the iron and causing the logs in the fireplace to shift.

"Looks like you need a lot more than they do. So you got caught in it too huh?"

Really if the weather was always like this it was a wonder that anyone bothered coming to this place at all. Then again maybe that was why she hadn't really ever heard of it until she was suddenly stumbling through another town not far off.
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"What?" Francis' confusion was unfeigned. He shook his head briskly, as if trying to clear it; he was sure he was missing the meaning of what was said. He hadn't thought he was so tired, but perhaps it wasn't surprising, after all this, that his mind wasn't functioning quite so well as he'd like. "I don't... Just hold him, if you could. I think if we can calm him a little..."
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"Sadly, I did." He gave her a little nod and a smile, though it was a little taut and didn't quite reach his eyes. Sitting down, he wrapped his hands loosely around his cider cup and sighed in relief as the warmth of the fire started to seep into him. "My horse stumbled into a bog. Stupid, really. If I'd only waited for the coach, I might have saved him and myself a great deal of trouble."

Shaking his head, he sipped his cider meditatively for a moment before looking back up at Syrenne. "Did you travel far?" Judging by the way she spoke about it, she was probably a fellow-traveller.
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"Ah, well." Mr Johanssen wasn't particularly prone to awkwardness, but there was a certain caginess to his tone. "The mail coach was due yesterday, but I'm afraid it never came. The weather, most likely." As if the weather yesterday hadn't been perfectly fine. But he smiled broadly and clapped Amamiya companionably on the shoulder. "Don't worry, Mr Amamiya, I'm sure he'll be by as soon as the roads clear up."
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"Right. Hold him." Amamiya looked up at the horse's face -- it really was kind of hard to establish eye contact when your partner was rolling his eyes around like that -- and tried his best to think calming thoughts. Maybe horses could pick up on that. Or maybe it would just bend over and try to bite him in the face the first chance he got.

"Uh... there, there. We're trying to... help..." Was he going to try and pet the horse? Not after a look at how huge its teeth was, he wasn't.
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"Oh. Right, the weather. Is it always like that?" On and off, Amamiya meant, though he failed to specify.

"I suppose I'll just have to wait, then. THank you."
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"Probably, though you might have been waiting all day too and wound up soaked through and with a cold."

After toeing the fire a moment she went over and unceremoniously took a seat adjacent to the newest addition with her own drink. Something to warm her up certainly, but quite a bit stronger than the hot cider he had.

"A bit too far it seems. But then a place that isn't on the map should mean it won't be too hard to find a bit of work."
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Luckily, Francis seemed a little more comfortable with the animal - and it with him, which was perhaps more important. The horse snorted fitfully and rolled its eyes, but some of its desperate thrashing slowed as Francis murmured to it, slipping between languages apparently without realising as he whispered whatever calming phrases happened to come into his mind.

"I don't suppose," he said, still in that same soothing tone and without stopping the way he was stroking the horse's flank, "that you have a rope? If we could tie off his bridle, the two of us together could probably get enough purchase on the saddle to help him out."
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"Hm." He sounded a little unconvinced. "Have you travelled much in these parts? In small villages, and the like?" It seemed a more tactful thing to say than pointing out directly that small communities, in his experience, were if anything less likely to want new workers than larger ones.

Remembering his manners belatedly, he cleared his throat, shaking his head a little, and held out one still-numb hand. "My name is Fletcher, by the way, ma'am. Francis Fletcher."
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"A rope? No." All he had with him was a bag and an unlit lantern -- and the bag was filled mostly with medical supplies. Did this guy think he was the type to carry spare rope around? Did Amamiya look like a strangler or something? Hahaha what a silly question, of course not.

"If you cut his reins at one end, that might be long enough. Maybe."
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"Some small villages, smaller than this. And I know what you're thinking, but if you're in the right line of work sometimes they need your help the most. Usually the bigger ones go and hire some kind of pompous guard or worse yet actual knights."

Syrenne seemed to look him over as if sizing him up and taking a sip of her drink before she leaned forward and shook his hand.

"Syrenne. So did you travel very far to get here Francis?"
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"Maybe," Francis agreed, eyeing the reins thoughtfully. It was a risk. If only one end of the reins was attached, he was afraid that it would snap under the weight of the horse. But the horse had stopped struggling now, and perhaps...

"Yes." He nodded decisively, his shoes squelching in the mud as he moved back up to the horse's head. "Yes, it's worth trying. Do you have a knife?"
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"Today? Only ten miles or so." His hand was wet and cold, but his grip was firm enough. "I overnighted at a village a little further down the valley. But I came from Poland, before that. I work in Warsaw." That's a not-insignificant journey, of course: several hundred miles. He doesn't look like the travelling type, though; he's not dressed particularly well for a long journey, and he has none of the hardened look of someone used to outside living.

"And you?"
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"The winters here can be unpredictable," Johanssen says sagely, nodding, and with his hand still on the younger man's shoulder, tried to guide him as smoothly as possible towards the bar. "Though this is unusual, even here. A particularly bad storm. You'll want to stay inside a while, warm up... Why don't I fetch you some mulled cider, to start off with? Speciality of the house. My family have brewed it for five hundred years."