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[for Calliope]

Responsibility, is the word he keeps thinking in ominous tones, like a remembered warning delivered in a fortune teller's best sinister voice. Not that the Doctor would admit to finding the idea of responsibility frightening by any means. But here, in the middle of a storm-ridden forest, with a thoroughly enmired carriage abandoned an unknown distance behind them, and another unknown distance's worth of muddy slogging towards town left to go, it's likely the scariest thing he has to deal with, so far. It's just that he isn't used to it, to the idea that his mistakes or failings of forethought can have consequences for people outside himself. An idea that is fast sinking in, much like the wind-driven salvos of rain that keep escaping down through the leaves. This was supposed to be a pleasant trip, with only normal, healthy levels of inconvenience, the kinds that build character, presumably, in people who are susceptible to that sort of thing. It was definitely not meant to be anything so dire as this sodden trek through miserable dark woods, never an activity that provided any sort of edifying benefit to anyone except maybe poets. On top of that, he is starting to think they might have missed a turn in the road or taken a smaller trail by mistake. "I'm sure we're nearly to the edge of town," he says, hopefully believably and without obvious worry. What a horrible night to have a curse.

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