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Actually, he thinks he does see a light, as if called into existence by her question. Small though, maybe just a lone house, belonging to some kind of forest...hermit. Or someone with a job involving trees. Those are all plausible. Probably not bandits; he doesn't think the area's traffic could support any, unless they've taken to robbing wildlife. Though, come to think of that, the word for that occupation is 'hunter,' isn't it. Anyway it would be worth a little robbery as long as he got to be robbed someplace warm and dry. And hopefully without any murder. That would be just today's luck.

The light seems to be moving, disconcertingly enough, blinking in and out of view. But surely there isn't anyone actually out in this with a lantern or a fire; probably just their own motion through the trees, causing the illusion. "There, look! I knew we had to be getting close," he says with some vindication. He can practically feel the warmth already, though the light doesn't seem to be getting any nearer or brighter yet. Still, what a relief, and how melodramatic all that internal worry seems now that the end is in sight. It lifts his spirits enough to set him chattering. "We may not be quite to town, but I'm sure we can spend the night there and press on in the morning. Storm like this, it'll burn itself out long before then. Surprised it's kept at it this long. Must have been corralled by the mountains, whipped up by the wet air off the river," he speculates like he knows anything about how weather works. But it sounds plausible, and that's the main thing. Establish a boundary of knowledge, that'll keep things optimistic.

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