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At his exclamation, she does look up to catch a brief glance of the distant, promising light between the trees. But immediately she feels the wild tug of the storm at her hair, along with an icy gust of raindrops on her face, so she hurries to keep her head lowered once more, trusting her grandfather to lead the way. How wonderful it will be to be out of the rain and rest in the safety of four sturdy walls! His explanation is a bit hard to follow, especially with the wind fiercely lashing the trees and creating an otherworldly howl above them, but it sounds reassuringly knowledgeable anyhow.

But all that reassurance and relief is shattered with the bright flash and deafening clap of a lightning strike, so close she can feel the ground shake. With a wee shriek of terror she jumps and presses close to him, heart racing and breath catching. How can such a vast forest be so oppressive, so encroaching, like something violent and hungry? "Blimey," she manages after a moment, trying in vain to dismiss the anxious tension in her bones. "Perhaps we ought to hurry? It, um, seems to be getting worse." She'd hate to be appear frightened, when they're meant to be on an adventure, but she reaches for his hand nonetheless. And it's surely only the cold that has her unable to stop shaking quite yet.

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