savethetalk: (Dangerous girl)
Syrenne ([personal profile] savethetalk) wrote in [community profile] lethevale 2016-11-06 02:15 pm (UTC)

"At least they won't look like you've spent the night on the wrong end of the stables. And maybe this rain will wash a bit of it out before you get there."

Though it was rather annoying being soaked to the bone, there had been plenty of places that had turned her out due to her profession and affiliations. In a way she hoped that this place wouldn't do the same otherwise she might just freeze to death in this weather.

Still she grasped his hand firmly and gave a shake before looking back over her shoulder down the road and then back at the woods where a howl had come from.

"Syrenne. I suppose we should get going before something else out here decides to make a meal of that horse of yours."

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