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{GAME OPENING} the old life blowing and roaring

Who: Everyone!
Where: The whole of Lethevale
When: October 31st, from mid-afternoon onwards
What: A storm, a town, and a beginning.
Warnings: TBC

The storm blows in apparently from nowhere, on a cold October afternoon. The bright autumn sunlight is blotted out within moments by thick, roiling black clouds, shrouding the mountains in shadow, and a cool breeze quickly becomes a howling gale. In Lethevale, and the countryside all around, windows are shuttered and lanterns lit, and townsfolk wrap themselves in blankets and huddle by the fire to wait out the storm. The inns set lights at their windows, and wait for a night's business - probably a poor one, with so many huddled in their homes.

Not everyone's so lucky. There are plenty of travellers on the road, and why not - until the storm came in, today looked set to be a fine day for journeying.

By the time the sun goes down, an hour or so into the storm, the lashing rain has become hail, stones of ice a good inch across thudding into the wet loam. Lightning flashes in the sky, and when the thunder rolls, it echoes against the mountains, coming back on itself over and over again so that it seems to last forever. This is no time to be outside. Better seek shelter, and company, if you're trapped out on the road.
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"Ah, very fortunate of you." Faramir shook the younger man's hand, his grip firm even with his fingers still awakening from numbness, and inclined his head a little. "I had assumed you were local, I'm afraid. Did you come far?"
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When his hand was released, Waver was quick to put it back around his wine cup. The man was truly chilled to the bone, to an extent that was almost comedic if Waver was being absolutely candid.

"I'm a student at Cambridge, so," he said breezily. "Yes. Very much so."
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"Cambridge?" Francis leaned in a little, his eyes alight with sudden interest. "You don't say! I've been there only once, to my grief, but I have always wondered how it would be to study there, under such renowned tutelage. What subject are you reading there, if you don't mind my asking?"
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Waver swore internally. He had hoped for some small level of anonymity for the day, to just be alone and uninteresting to anyone around him. But other forces would chide him for such a thought.

"Chemistry," was the reply, simple and direct. He wasn't keen to dwell on academia for the evening. Work could begin in earnest tomorrow. "Where are you from, may I ask?"
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"Originally, Krakow." That wasn't technically true, of course, but it was the closest thing to the truth that he knew. "I work in Warsaw now, for the most part. Though Professor Beregond and I have travelled a great deal."

It may have come as a surprise to hear that Francis was Polish; there was barely a trace of an accent to his English.
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"Ah," he said. Unkindly, Waver thought that Warsaw might also be the butt of a few jokes by other Cambridge students. "Not familiar with that professor's work. His field is--?"
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"Folklore and anthropological study." Francis brightened a little, always happy to discuss his mentor's work. "I suppose a chemist would have no reason to have heard of him, but in his own circles of academia, he's gaining something of a following. These last ten years, he's made it his aim to write the definitive treatise on the pagan roots of Central and Eastern European folk traditions."
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Waver paused. It was actually somewhat pertinent, if the angle was right. His work was focusing on the properties of folk remedies and how they could inform modern chemistry going forward. He took a sip of his wine, gently playing out potential routes to get the information he'd like without talking about himself.

"That's broad. When it comes to traditions, is he focusing on healing and medicine, belief, or--?"
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"Rituals and folk festivals." Francis appeared to belatedly remember his stew, pulling it towards him and starting to eat. "We're particularly interested in weddings, funerals, and the major seasonal celebrations - Easter, Christmas, the summer solstice... Still rather broad, I'm afraid. But Professor Beregond never expected this work to be done quickly. In fact, I don't believe he expects to finish it in his lifetime."
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Damn. So close, and yet just that inch off the mark.

"You being the obvious successor to this rich academic heritage."
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"So he says." Francis shrugged one shoulder, clearly a little uncomfortable with the thought, and ducked his head. "I hope I am scholar enough to meet the faith he puts in me. I still suspect he might do better to take a protege of a better class, but he will do as he will do."
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"If you've got someone like that, then don't question it."

Waver managed to exclude the bitterness of the backstory behind such a statement from his tone. It was neutral, even if the mix of class and academia was the most potent combination for him.
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Francis frowned a little, shaking his head, and reached for his cup of wine again. "Don't mistake me, I'm far from blind to my good fortune. I thank God every day for it."
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"I misunderstood the statement and retract the comment then."

Waver sighed, leaning back in his seat. His eyes moved to the window, and the storm just beyond it. "Is this a stopover for you then, or research ground?"
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"The latter." Francis followed the younger man's gaze, frowning as he looked out at the lashing rain and flashes of lightning. "For which, too, I might have cause to thank God, if this weather continues," he added drily, and turned back to his meal, clearing his throat. "In any case, yes, I plan to stay here some time. Three months, unless I hear otherwise from the Professor."

Or his doctors. Francis was waved away from Warsaw with the assurance that Professor Beregond would be fine, and no doubt that was true - the professor wasn't that old, and the flu was not that severe - but it was hard not to worry, when he had no means of getting word.
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"I see. Library research then, or face to face oral histories?"

Waver's own plan was to use the city as a jumping off point for short day trips and explorations, totaling no more than a month before heading further south. The weather was hardly a concern, he had built enough flexible time into his scheduling.
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"Oral histories," Francis agreed, with a little nod. "And, hopefully, some first-hand observations. That's part of why I hope to stay a few months - long enough to see through Christmas and the New Year, and perhaps the beginnings of Lent."

Rubbing his hands together, he cleared his throat and reached for his wine again. "And you, if I may ask? Is this a research trip, or a holiday?"
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"Research," Waver said, disappointed to no longer be able to avoid the question. "This area is to act as a camp of sorts and all other exploratory journeys will branch out from here for a month or so, before I move further south."
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"Oh, really?" Francis leant in slightly, clearly interested. "Exploring what, if it's not too impudent to ask? I'm afraid I don't know so much about chemistry as to be able to hazard a guess." But he did know enough that he was hungry to know more, as indeed he was with most subjects. The sciences had never been particularly open to him, and he was very curious.
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"Folk healing and what modern chemistry can take from it." Waver was matter of fact, trying to gloss over everything. There'd be other times for this kind of conversation. "Plenty of stuff's been learned from going over the Arabian alchemists. Same principle."
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"Ah, yes. Avicenna and the like." If Waver had hoped to allay Francis' interest with that, he had made a crucial mistake: science might not be Francis' field, but history certainly was. "I understand he wrote of remedies almost as far west as this, did he not? I imagine there would be some crossover, but of course while the Arabs at that time were rather more rigorous in their understanding than many of our own folk, there have been some centuries for matters to develop."

Clearing his throat, he took another sip of wine and flexed his fingers experimentally, the ache of numbness finally starting to fade from them.

"Perhaps I might be of some help? In the course of my studies, I have come across more than a few folk remedies myself. I should be glad to put my notes at your disposal, sir."
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Waver simply nodded as Francis spoke, not really disagreeing but not feeling as if he could contribute too much as the other man spoke.

"I'd rather discuss that at a later point in time," he offered diplomatically. "I have a strict regional focus and it is fairly late to talk academics."
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"Oh, of course!" Francis cleared his throat and settled back in his seat, clearly embarrassed. "Do excuse me. I'm afraid I got a little carried away."
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Waver nodded, letting his road exhaustion finally show.

"How you have that much energy after travel is, admittedly, impressive."
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"...Adrenaline, I imagine," Francis admitted, and smiled a little, self-consciously. "I apologise. Apparently, it takes me a little longer to regain myself than I had expected."

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