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{GAME OPENING} the old life blowing and roaring

Who: Everyone!
Where: The whole of Lethevale
When: October 31st, from mid-afternoon onwards
What: A storm, a town, and a beginning.
Warnings: TBC

The storm blows in apparently from nowhere, on a cold October afternoon. The bright autumn sunlight is blotted out within moments by thick, roiling black clouds, shrouding the mountains in shadow, and a cool breeze quickly becomes a howling gale. In Lethevale, and the countryside all around, windows are shuttered and lanterns lit, and townsfolk wrap themselves in blankets and huddle by the fire to wait out the storm. The inns set lights at their windows, and wait for a night's business - probably a poor one, with so many huddled in their homes.

Not everyone's so lucky. There are plenty of travellers on the road, and why not - until the storm came in, today looked set to be a fine day for journeying.

By the time the sun goes down, an hour or so into the storm, the lashing rain has become hail, stones of ice a good inch across thudding into the wet loam. Lightning flashes in the sky, and when the thunder rolls, it echoes against the mountains, coming back on itself over and over again so that it seems to last forever. This is no time to be outside. Better seek shelter, and company, if you're trapped out on the road.
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The Town

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The Hall isn't the easiest place in the world to get to, right now. The path up from town is treacherous and slippery, and the Lethe is thundering down from the cliffs. If you're down in the town, it's probably best to stay there for the night. But the Hall is still there, if you need it, and the lamps are lit. It ought to be a reassuring sight.

It's not.

You're probably better heading to one of the inns. The King's Head is easiest to find, right at the centre of town, and its landlord has made a point of putting lights in as many windows as he can. He might as well get some business out of all this, after all.

[[OOC: For characters who have already come through the woods, or who came down from the mountains. The King's Head is the easiest place to find shelter, but you can try elsewhere if you really want.]]